Olivia Rodrigo

Noelle Denton, who records as Noelle Sucks, said her "art got stolen" for Rodrigo's performance.
There was so much that happened in music this year — from fiascos to women reclaiming their power — and we got many impressive albums out of it.
The "Get Him Back!" singer took a back seat to no one in shocking the talk show host's children.
The "Vampire" singer said her biggest fear is a beast that lacks even "one body part that looks like ours."
In the viral clip that's been circulating on social media, Gomez dons a startled look and covers her ears as Rodrigo performs.
For months, fans have speculated about a rumored feud between Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo.
The "Vampire" singer said the 2023 film made her so scared she "literally had to walk out of the theater."
The singer delivered a hazy answer about her fans’ theories that the song is a diss to Swift.
The "Vampire" singer scooped up a bootleg record from the 20-time Grammy winner for her new apartment.