Several attendees who were at the June 20 event have tested positive for the coronavirus, and the total number of cases in Lakeway is expected to increase.
The coronavirus pandemic started a banana bread and sourdough frenzy. But why bread and not other baked goods?
As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, folks across the country are discovering the joy of bread baking at home. But why bread? It turns out we don’t just bake bread because it’s delicious, but because it helps us connect to one another.
Several college students continued to attend parties in Alabama after testing positive for COVID-19.
Black and Asian Americans also worry that wearing a mask might make them a target for racism, the Pew Research Center found.
With COVID-19 forcing many cities to cancel and restrict Pride celebrations, owners of queer bars are finding innovative ways to celebrate the LGBTQ community.
What do state reopenings mean for you and your health and safety? Our experts will answer your questions about this new phase of the coronavirus pandemic.
The Jacksonville order came on the same day the head of the World Health Organization warned that the pandemic is “not even close to being over."
The show is getting ready to film its long-delayed season with Clare Crawley, the season’s star. Variety broke the news.
As COVID-19 cases soar to new highs, governors of several states, including Texas, Florida and Arizona, are backtracking on their reopening plans.