Pat Robertson

The Daily Show captured the lowlights of the televangelist's career well before his death at age 93.
Robertson built an empire but ultimately became a caricature of the angry, bigoted Christian.
Robertson helped make religion central to Republican Party politics in America through his Christian Coalition.
President Donald Trump gave his first non-Fox News interview since May to Pat Robertson of ‘The 700 Club.’
Robertson became a born-again Christian several months after her husband found his faith. She died at her home in Virginia Beach.
The doomsday-monger is back with another prophecy.
"The Daily Show with Trevor Noah" invited viewers to “relive 60 years of Pat Robertson’s hate-filled bangers."
The televangelist announced his departure from the show on the 60th anniversary of the day the Christian Broadcasting Network debuted.
"If you can't tell the difference between those two things, it's crazy," the conservative TV evangelist said.
During his television program, evangelist Pat Robertson had a message for President Donald Trump: “It’s time to move on.”