Patrick Mahomes

Over the years that Kayla Nicole dated the football star, she and Mahomes became very close, with Nicole even serving as her bridesmaid.
The Chiefs quarterback had some editing to do after his tweet in the wake of the Jets quarterback going down.
A new romantic comedy series and fine dining competition show are also trending on the streaming service.
The champion Kansas City quarterback and tight end teamed up for a funny bit while celebrating their Super Bowl victory with President Joe Biden.
"What a year you’ve had since you made me infamous," the auto racing commentator told NBA rookie of the year Banchero.
The social media influencer, who's often seen at Patrick Mahomes' games, is accused of assaulting a waiter and forcibly kissing a restaurant owner.
Rihanna could have sung all of her songs upside down while suspended in mid-air and some people still weren't going to think it was enough.
"How you gonna do our quarterback like that?" the Chiefs wrote after the podcast host's stunt.
Brundle realized his blunder midway through and not-so-graciously moved on.