Patrick Mahomes

The younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes previously caught flak for pouring water on hecklers.
The mic'd up exchange between the Chiefs quarterback and the Super Bowl MVP went viral.
Brittany Matthews sarcastically said she loved "the support" after the sports network tweeted a picture of the Chiefs quarterback looking distraught.
Randi Mahomes appeared to blame the Chiefs' Super Bowl loss on the officials.
The first socially distanced Super Bowl will be unlike any other in history.
"Life imitates art again," Jimmy Kimmel said of the year-old segment after two Chiefs players were quarantined for getting haircuts from an infected barber.
The "kid" Chiefs quarterback is equal parts polo shirts and patterned blazers.
The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, who's headed to his second Super Bowl, definitely focused on the right sport.
The Super Bowl-bound Chiefs quarterback performed like a leader off the field, boosting Mecole Hardman's spirits after a mistake.
The Crimson Tide wide receiver even had Patrick Mahomes talking during Alabama's championship victory over Ohio State.
The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback keeps piling on the joy in an otherwise rough 2020.
Statements including “We must end racism” and “We believe Black lives matter” were displayed on the scoreboards at the time.
The Super Bowl MVP told his crying pop, a former major league pitcher, "I love you."
Quarterback Patrick Mahomes asked jinxed fan Charles Penn to stay home. "I'm going to listen to him," Penn said.
Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes hilariously asked Big Buck Chuck to stay away from the next game.
The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has an arm that has been called "a thing of sheer brute force."