Host Scott Evans and sex expert Shamyra Howard help four couples decide if polyamory could work for their relationships.
"I’m better than her, I look better than her, and I’m smarter than her," said the "Real Housewives of Miami" star.
The upcoming film based on the horror video game franchise is set to drop later this year.
Akira Akbar is the youngest actor on the Peacock show's set — and she's portraying TV darling Ashley Banks.
Many of the Bravo franchises are filled with fake storylines and toxicity, but Peacock is providing what Housewives fans love most: authenticity and escapism.
The upcoming Peacock series will follow a fictionalized version of the “Saturday Night Live” alum’s real life.
“I Love You, You Hate Me,” set to premiere Oct. 12, documents the rise and fall of Barney the dinosaur.
The movie, premiering on Peacock, explores a uniquely queer experience through too much literal storytelling, and counters what makes so many genre films great.
Due out Aug. 5, Peacock's upcoming horror movie follows a group of LGBTQ teens who find themselves the target of a masked killer in the woods.
The 24-year-old actor and singer talks about portraying a new Hilary Banks, creating opportunities for herself after Disney and anticipating her new single.