The football officials' bizarre interaction made a splash on social media.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback got his first unsportsmanlike penalty and a bloody lip after bragging that refs let him "talk smack."
The Green Bay Packers quarterback is mired in controversy for lying about his vaccination status, but the NFL let him off with a wrist-slap.
Dozens of Dartmouth College students are suspended following accusations they were cheating, ironically, in an ethics class.
There are several possible explanations for a sudden drop in rankings, but more often than not, it is due to a Google penalty or due to poor SEO practices.
You may qualify for a tax credit to help offset the cost of health insurance. That credit is generally paid directly to your health insurance company. You, then, only pay the part of the premium that the credit doesn't cover. But, getting that credit requires you to file a tax return to reconcile your payments and actual credit due. Sound confusing?
Obamacare's individual mandate is kicking in this year, and uninsured Americans will soon face a penalty. However, that penalty remains a confusing and widely misunderstood aspect of the new health care law.
Pongámonos en los zapatos de Luis Pérez por un momento. Jugaba sin estar al cien por ciento de sus capacidades debido a una lesión, cumplía 13 años en Primera División, era el último minuto de un partido entre dos clubes grandes y en sus zapatos estaba la posibilidad de darle un urgente triunfo a Chivas. No era sencillo, para nada lo era.