Peter Doocy

Biden’s comments came during remarks Thursday following a special counsel report that mentioned concerns about the president's memory.
The Fox News White House correspondent offered an optimistic take on Biden after the poll.
The president and the Fox News reporter argued about abortion, age and polling in yet another confrontation.
The Fox News reporter tried to goad the White House rep into saying the Biden administration is enjoying the GOP drama.
“Would President Biden ever try to get out of a meeting by pulling a fire alarm?” the Fox News correspondent asked the White House press secretary.
A clip of the Fox News host describing the president's schedule raked in more than a million views.
The president's tense relationship with Fox News took a turn for the worse during a confrontation in New Mexico.
The president said plenty — without saying much at all.
The Fox News reporter, like former President Donald Trump, questioned why the U.S. freed arms dealer Viktor Bout for Griner in the exchange.
The president's supporters love this feisty exchange with a Fox News reporter.