Abraham Lincoln took just a few weeks to campaign for president. Today a presidential campaign can start two years before the election.
The first lady made her first stop in Namibia.
Former White House photographer Pete Souza marked Presidents Day by showing all the living presidents who didn't incite an insurrection.
The actor recently visited Tougaloo College in Jackson to speak with mass communication and performing arts students.
The Pontiff demanded Tuesday that foreign powers stop plundering Africa’s natural resources for the “poison of their own greed.”
The clock was reset 10 seconds closer than last year, making it the closest it has ever been to striking 12.
Supporters gave a security guard things like Brazilian-themed T-shirts, hats, banners and even a shoe to be autographed by the right-wing populist.
The entire Trump presidency was rooted in lies, and those lies have added to the persistent chipping away at democracy.
Andrés Manuel López Obrador warned his country’s citizens not to accept holiday handouts and gifts from drug gangs.
Claudine Gay is the second woman to lead the Ivy League school.