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Bypassing allegations about Andrew will keep the most explosive allegations against Maxwell out of the trial, but it will also allow prosecutors to avoid a big risk.
Attorneys for both Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre said they expected to depose eight to 12 individuals.
The document is a 2008 settlement agreement that the Prince's lawyer says would protect him against claims that he sexually abused an American when she was 17.
Virginia Giuffre claims she was trafficked by Epstein to have sex with Andrew in London in 2001, when she was age 17 and a minor under U.S. law.
The acknowledgment was confirmed in a joint agreement signed by a lawyer for the British prince.
Blackfords, a law firm that said they represent Andrew “in certain U.K. matters,” have questioned whether the papers were properly served.
Virginia Giuffre's suit claims the Duke of York sexually assaulted and abused her when she was 17.
Some have said the move would be hypocritical, considering Prince Harry was stripped of his military titles earlier this year.
"No one is above the law," Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick said.
A source close to the Prince of Wales shed new light on how the royal family views allegations against Prince Andrew.
David Boies said that while the Duke of York can “ignore me and my client,” he "can’t ignore the court.”
Virginia Giuffre has filed a civil case against the Duke of York over alleged sexual abuse.
The Duke of York is back in the headlines after his accuser, Giuffre, announced she was suing the royal.
Virginia Giuffre's lawsuit accuses the Duke of York of sexually assaulting her on three occasions when she was 17.
Virginia Giuffre filed a lawsuit against Prince Andrew in Manhattan federal court.
The Duchess of York also continued to defend her ex-husband over his ties to Jeffrey Epstein in a new interview with the Financial Times.
The Duchess of York has previously spoken about how hurt she was over not being included at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's 2011 nuptials.
The Duchess of York has continued to defend her ex-husband despite his ties to the convicted sex offender.
Another remark about Prince Philip was also cut from the UK broadcast.