The "Last Week Tonight" host unspooled a supercut of the Fox News personality bragging about his alma mater.
Larry Fife Giberson, who graduated from Princeton earlier this year, was sentenced to two months behind bars.
Coach Mitch Henderson was off the ground again after the Ivy League Tigers shocked No. 2 seed Arizona in March Madness.
Misrach Ewunetie had been missing for nearly a week when the search for her whereabouts came to a tragic end.
"I’ve remembered with persistent fury how he spoke to me that spring day."
Ever since our colleges shut down in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, we international students have faced heartbreak after heartbreak.
Amid worldwide protests against racial injustice, Princeton University is renaming its public policy school in light of U.S. President Woodrow Wilson's racist policies.
Nicholas Johnson said his achievement felt especially empowering given the school's "historical ties to the institution of slavery.”
Stanford, Princeton and Yale universities said they too will reject millions of dollars in federal funding amid growing scrutiny of wealthy colleges.
The article criticized the selection process in which the NFL star and philanthropist was selected as a speaker at a school event for graduating seniors.