The Fox News host said "I didn’t have to take out loans" and called debt relief for people who did "disgusting."
"Irrespective of the neighborhood in which I live, regardless of how articulate I might seem, all I am and all I ever will be to some people is Black."
“‘Would you and your wife like to start with something to drink?’ the waitress asked casually.”
Having an entitled parent or parents can impact the way children experience the world as they grow up.
Many moments in my life could be explained by the universe’s magical lottery. But what I have isn’t the result of luck at all.
“This is how the 1% look at minorities,” wrote Rep. Ruben Gallego, who blasted Kushner for suggesting Black Americans don't work hard enough.
"As a health care professional, I have seen firsthand how BIPOC receive lesser care."
Talking to kids about racial justice and police brutality isn't easy. Do it anyway.
The actor opened up about parenting in lockdown, homeschooling and giving back during the coronavirus pandemic.
We’re isolated. We’re anxious. We’re in mourning. And some of us are incredibly fortunate.