The Oscar winner and activist called for New York to increase the minimum wage for all.
“Well, at least they have rhythm,” the former White House press secretary said of footage showing a crowd led by Black demonstrators in New York City.
Another passenger put the 30-year-old Black homeless man in a chokehold on the subway on Monday, killing him.
Legal experts say the term insurrection has a specific meaning — a violent uprising that targets government authority.
Three people were arrested after an incident broke out between protesters and counterprotesters outside a drag event in Fort Worth.
Workers across France are striking against the government's plan to increase the retirement age, taking their battle to the world's largest money manager.
The former vice president said he believes Trump supporters would protest peacefully and lawfully after any indictment filed against his former boss.
Casey "Ever" Hatherly said she's proud to have caused a commotion at the Juno Awards by "playing the cards that I’m dealt."
An independent autopsy showed Manuel Terán's hands were raised at the time of the January shooting, the attorneys stated.
The city proposes to pay each protester $21,500 to settle a police-brutality lawsuit.