Royal Families

"He can have it to play with, I’ll come back for it!" the Princess of Wales reportedly said.
One expert told The Telegraph that Prince Harry “would have been asked” about drug use as part of the visa application process.
“In his forthcoming memoir, Prince Harry writes about seeing Meghan in a bonnet for the first time,” one Twitter user wrote.
A passage from Harry's upcoming book "Spare" reportedly details how the then-12-year-old grappled with his mother's death.
The Duke of Sussex writes about his fractured relationship with his brother in his new memoir, "Spare."
"I mounted her quickly," the prince recalled of his first time in his memoir "Spare."
The tea from Harry's autobiography "Spare" is spilling like mad as it nears release.
The reality TV star has condemned the Duchess of Sussex on several occasions.
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be grateful for the extra time in the wake of Queen Elizabeth's death.
"It was solely about beauty," the Duchess of Sussex said. "And not necessarily about brains."