Scooter Braun

The "U Got It Bad" singer is recalling just how in demand Bieber really was — and how he convinced him not to sign with a fellow Justin.
The exodus follows Taylor Swift's infamous clash with the manager over the master recording rights to her first six albums.
Clarkson reflected on a since-viral show of support for Swift after Scooter Braun acquired the superstar's music catalog in 2019.
"I don't know what story she was told," the music mogul told Variety regarding the controversy over his 2019 purchase of Swift's back catalog.
The singer, who has been embroiled in a battle with the record executive for the rights to her first six albums, released her new recording of the 2008 hit this week.
The singer unveiled a snippet of one of her re-recorded songs for the first time.
"This was the second time my music had been sold without my knowledge," the singer wrote.
The video for "The Man" also features Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and a mocking name check for Leonardo DiCaprio.
“I think people undervalue ownership,” said Watson, who stars in Greta Gerwig's adaptation of the Louisa May Alcott classic.
The singer made a subtle dig at the mega-manager after a public battle over the masters of her older albums.