scott adams

The cartoon creator continues to face backlash after a racist rant in which he claimed he wanted nothing to do with Black people and warned other white people to get away from them.
Darrin Bell, the Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist of “Candorville” is addressing Adams’ racism by parodying Dilbert in this week’s strips.
"They're replacing 'Dilbert' with 'Peanuts: Oops All Franklin,'" quipped Colin Jost in the wake of publications cutting ties with the comic strip.
The "Dilbert" guy saw his fortunes plummet after last week's racist rant — but Minhaj says he knows how to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.
Distributor Andrews McMeel Universal said it will “never support any commentary rooted in discrimination or hate.”
An array of newspapers are dropping the comic strip after Scott Adams made incendiary comments about Black people.
But persuasive arts as described by Scott Adams after the fact won't be the reason. The country wants change, which a person like Trump represents in spades. If he had any persuasive power at all, or even a lack of repulsive powers, he'd be leading by a wide margin.
On the surface, the inability to find any skilled rhetoric to analyze in the first debate is the result of neither candidate having much skill to demonstrate.