"Seltzer is like if water took a Tony Robbins seminar."
Calling all La Croix fans.
But lucky for those of who love the stuff, there's no need to go cold turkey. There are a few things you can do to protect your enamel without giving up bubbly water.
Hunting around for a new summer beverage? Polar Seltzer has released its new summer flavors: Minto Mojito, Ginger Lemonade
We're down with the seasonal offerings of various food companies. Pumpkin lattes? Mint hot chocolate? Yes, please. But we
Throughout my childhood, when thirst demanded to be slaked, a blue-topped bottle of Vintage brand seltzer was the natural choice as one was never too far from hand.
Owning the last seltzer bottling plant in Brooklyn qualifies you as a psychiatrist.
The average American consumes more than 600 bottles of soda or sparkling bottle a year, according to Grist columnist Umbra