Can shampoo in a bar really get your hair clean and shiny? Industry professionals explain how the bars can help your hair and, more importantly, the planet.
The hair care company is making products more accessible for those who are blind or have low vision, but there's a lot more they could do.
To bathe a dog, you will need the aforementioned hose and shampoo, as well as a towel. That's for the dog. Sue sighed and
The company has spared the planet from 60,000 plastic bottles.
He was also a huge animal activist and his love for all furry creatures was charming, tender and fierce all at once. He was
The real beauty of the reverse wash system was how it magically turned my dried-out strands into soft-as-silk hair that managed to feel light and clean, too.
When you wash the dishes in the sink do you mix the detergent with the water before you put the plates in? Or do you just