The swimmer at Rockaway Beach was hospitalized with a massive thigh wound.
One of the attacks was captured on video by a local resident — who watched a great white shark bite a seal in half.
The shark was later caught and authorities are examining it in a laboratory to try and determine the reasons for the rare attack.
The unidentified 22-year-old was snorkeling in the water when a shark apparently bit her leg off, in a rare attack by the species.
The new film arrived just weeks after the Elizabeth Banks-directed comedy "Cocaine Bear."
The startling image was captured during a Southern California wave-riding contest.
Gay Shark, a fixture on Cohen’s "Watch What Happens Live" program, showed a crowd this week that a familiar face was inside the costume.
A third swam what felt like miles to search for help after their boat sank in the Gulf of Mexico.
Ilan Toussieh conquered his fear and captured amazing footage of the shark.