The Republican presidential candidate claimed: “The media is the only one that has talked about this issue” ― prompting pushback.
The Republican presidential candidate faced intense backlash after she declined to identify slavery as the cause of the Civil War.
A New Hampshire voter told the GOP presidential candidate, "it’s astonishing to me that you answer that question without mentioning the word slavery.”
Around two dozen titles, including slave narratives, were removed after one white woman’s repeated emails.
“There is no silver lining in slavery," Scott, the only Black Republican senator, said Thursday, echoing criticism of Florida's new educational standards.
The Fox personality’s comments were condemned as an insult to “the memory of the millions of people who suffered from the evils of the Holocaust.”
"I ask forgiveness for the clear failure to act in the face of this crime against humanity," King Willem-Alexander said in an emotional speech.
Buckingham Palace released a statement following The Guardian's discovery of a new documentary linking the transatlantic slave trade to the royals in 1689.
The coach's "slaves serving their masters" remark got him suspended before the Red Raiders play in their conference tournament, the school said.
Flags are used to instil pride and hope, but for many people, the Mississippi flag represents oppression and terror. We traveled to Jackson, Mississippi to figure out why its state flag still contains the Confederate emblem, and why people are so passionate about flags in the first place.