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“I’m a rebel. Storytelling changed my world and my perspective on life.”
Gov. Gavin Newsom called the killings “horrifying and heartbreaking.”
“We have a gun violence problem,” Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said.
Brandon Elliot faces charges of assault as a hate crime, attempted assault as a hate crime, assault and attempted assault, police said.
Prosecutors allege Shah and Stuart Smith cheated hundreds of people nationwide over a 10-year period in a telemarketing scheme.
A man repeatedly kicked a 65-year-old woman in front of witnesses who seemingly stood by. She was hospitalized with serious injuries.
Prosecutors allege that Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein conspired to sexually abuse girls between 1994 and 2004.
Bend Police Chief Mike Krantz says the K-9 officer wasn't named after the rapper, but says "it’s important to recognize that some people may assume that or believe that.”
Steven William Johnson, 35, was arrested on charges of willful torture, willful abuse and cruelly beating or otherwise willfully maltreating a child under the age of 18.
Video showed body parts scattered near the gates of a packed Roman Catholic cathedral on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island.