stretch marks

This incredibly lightweight skin care essential contains a blend of moisturizing ingredients like jojoba, rosehip and vitamin E.
Target stretch marks, hydrate your skin and have a little "you" time with these hydrating sheet masks.
According to one dermatologist, Bio-Oil isn't just good for scars and stretch marks. It can also improve the health of your skin.
It's not silly or vain to struggle with stretch marks, acne, melasma or other skin changes. So why aren't we helping more?
Medical experts explain why they form, how to prevent them and how to lessen the appearance of the ones you already have.
"I can’t believe this happened," Graham remembered saying when she developed stretch marks during pregnancy.
"There’s always a question of, 'What do you want us to retouch, and what do you want us to take out?' And I said, 'Nothing,'" Graham told People magazine.
The model and body positivity icon recently posted the stunning shot after giving birth to a son in January.
The model announced last week that she is expecting her first child.
The reality TV star shared a snapshot of herself in a bathing suit on a page for her lifestyle brand, Poosh, with her stretch marks on full display.