Music never sounded so gosh darn spooky than in this exclusive sneak peak from the new season of Travel Channel's paranormal reality series "Destination Fear".
Aycox also had a featured role on "Dark Blue" in an active screen and TV career.
"Whatever had been in the hallway was now in the bedroom with us. I was frozen."
“We were haunted?” I asked my mom, bewildered. “We were terrorized,” she replied.
"It's a lot about female empowerment," Julie Pizzi, president of Bunim Murray Productions, said about the film.
The "Supernatural" star is clarifying the "clumsy" comments he made about his sexuality at a fan convention.
The actor said he found out about a prequel to his hit CW show on Twitter and that his character has “no involvement whatsoever.”
The actor was charged with two counts of assault last month following a brawl at an Austin, Texas, bar.
Officials won't confirm if the skies are still being watched.
"American Jedi" documents a universal path of pain, growth and redemption.