New research conducted by the social network Hornet highlighted the wide mental health impacts of the pandemic within the LGBTQ community.
"It’s something that you shouldn’t dismiss,” said Saffery, who appears in the Netflix series as a tiger attack victim at Joe Exotic’s zoo.
The social network previously announced it would police COVID-19 misinformation on its platform.
Volunteers in California have created some 400 masks for frontline workers and homeless people already.
Here's how to stop uninvited hackers from popping into video meetings and wreaking havoc.
The remote conferencing service, which has lots of new users while people isolate during the coronavirus pandemic, has an "attendee attention tracking" feature.
The singer tweeted a conspiracy theory that blamed the COVID-19 pandemic on radiation from new technology.
Some sites, including Hornet, are urging users to maintain a "remote" social network.
The former U.S. Open runner-up deleted the anti-LGBTQ meme and apologized on Instagram. The backlash, however, was reportedly swift.
A flat-earther was killed after launching himself into the air with a steam-powered rocket in a bid to prove that the earth isn't round.