The Pentagon

Facing a massive civil judgment and four prosecutions, the former president would nevertheless be entrusted with state secrets if he takes back the White House.
He “is retaining the functions and duties of his office,” said Pentagon press secretary Maj. Gen. Pat Ryder.
The former general took several days to inform the White House of his cancer diagnosis and emergency hospitalization last month.
Austin did not inform President Joe Biden about his prostate cancer diagnosis until days after he was hospitalized due to complications from a procedure.
Files on so-called unidentified anomalous phenomena could have their release postponed under some conditions, however.
The Pentagon says an American warship and multiple commercial ships have come under attack in the Red Sea.
Jack Teixeira is accused of sharing highly classified documents about top national security issues in a chatroom on Discord.
A judge has put off a decision whether the Massachusetts Air National guardsman accused of leaking military documents should be held in jail until his trial.
Defense industry reps paid thousands to attend a closed-door event with House Democrats as Congress considers cuts to welfare or Pentagon spending.
In trying to identify who was behind a major leak, federal agents had access to online clues that led to a 21-year-old Air National Guardsman.