the white lotus

The scene involved an unforgettable intimate moment between Gage's character, Dillon, and Murray Bartlett’s character, Armond.
"The conflicts in 'Bridgerton' wouldn’t exist if the leads had a two-minute, honest conversation with one another."
The award-winning anthology series, previously set in Hawaii and Italy, is heading to Thailand next and will start shooting in February.
Appleton, a celebrity hairstylist, and the "White Lotus" actor have called it quits less than a week after their wedding was featured on "The Kardashians."
The actor said something about the characters shifted after she saw castmate Will Sharpe shirtless.
Fans are anxiously awaiting the return of the hit HBO series.
The Emmy and Golden Globe-winning HBO series reportedly will continue its tradition of filming in exotic locations.
“I just believe that everyone should embrace all their kinks and everything that they love about themselves and not feel ashamed,” the actor said.
“Let me do it when I’m ready,” the “White Lotus” and “You” actor said, while addressing criticism that he’s taken roles from LGBTQ actors.