tomato recipes

Using a mixture of big and little tomatoes from the farmers' market - even in mid-September they're still very good in our
Now's the time to get your fill of juicy, fresh-off-the-vine summer tomatoes.
There is another approach, though, yielding tomatoes that are of particular visual beauty and intensified flavor, with a
You should eat as many tomatoes as you can this summer. These recipes will help.
Upon returning from a trip, Jackie and I generally have pasta as our first home-cooked meal. It isn't a question of deprivation (it happens even after we've been to Italy) but of a wish to return to cooking at its most domestic.
Even mediocre tomatoes start to taste good when slow-roasted as these are, so imagine how good already-delicious ripe summer tomatoes will be, especially when bolstered by all those other Mediterranean flavors.
It is a real seasonal treat to use fresh tomatoes, either raw or cooked. But be sure to save one or two for slicing onto a tuna fish sandwich or a hamburger.
I remembered that Café Murano risotto and saw the basket of ripe farmers' market tomatoes on the counter. I used to not cook Swiss chard (or other greens) with tomato. Ever. It was a little idée fixe of mine that they were natural-born enemies.
When it comes to summer produce -- zucchini, apricots and eggplant to name just a few -- we're pretty gratuitous with our
For land's sake, I thought, I can do this. And so I did. And so can you! In the time it would take you to find the can, open