Top Gun: Maverick

In contrast to her 2019 formal duet with Bradley Cooper, Gaga opted for a minimalist approach when taking the stage this year.
Cruise's greeting was so over the top, Ellis wondered if they were on a prank show.
The former president revealed his annual end-of-the-year lists via Twitter on Friday.
"The Late Late Show" host revealed a secret about the "Top Gun: Maverick" star that you might never suspect.
The actor also shared behind-the-scenes footage of another stunt — which he called "the most dangerous thing we've ever attempted."
The Brad Pitt action film “Bullet Train” led all movies in ticket sales for a second straight weekend.
The Formula One star begged friend Tom Cruise to be cast in the box office smash only to have to turn it down.
The final figures, expected to be released on Monday, will sort out which film ultimately won the weekend.
Teller says he told producers: "I don’t need a double, I will play and sing this live."
“The King of Queens” star has been on a mission to call attention to what she describes as the church’s wrongdoings since she left it in 2013.