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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just made it easier for foreign visitors to come to the United States by allowing those with mixed-dose vaccines to enter the country.
The agency said those fully inoculated with mixed doses of COVID-19 vaccines are able to enter from Nov. 8.
"This announcement will provide great relief to those waiting to see friends and loved ones," Sen. Maria Cantwell said.
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The company was the only airline to report such a large percentage of canceled and delayed flights over the weekend.
Ken Paxton appeared to tout forced travel for abortions in response to a Justice Department claim that it raises troubling interstate commerce issues.
President Joe Biden will ease foreign travel restrictions into the U.S. beginning in November, when his administration will require all foreign travelers flying into the country to be fully vaccinated.
The Haiku Stairs have been a controversial tourist destination for decades, although they've been officially closed to trekkers since 1987.
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The Biden administration is reportedly mulling the measure as part of its efforts to lift restrictions on travel to the U.S.
The White House has defended existing travel restrictions due to rapidly spreading variants that are driven in part by unvaccinated Americans.
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