United States Senate Committee on Finance

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) condemned Demetrios Kouzoukas’ “overwhelming conflicts of interest” as a board member for a private insurance company.
The Finance Committee chair is asking questions after a HuffPost report that crypto millionaires were taking advantage of the “opportunity zone” tax break intended to help poor neighborhoods.
Finance Chair Ron Wyden sketches out his vision for reform, including key progressive priorities.
Dole had a long career in the U.S. Congress that included serving as Senate majority leader.
The progressive senator from Massachusetts wants to levy a two-cent tax on every dollar of individual wealth over $50 million.
The extra $600 is set to expire and lawmakers are fighting about what to do.
An 18-month investigation from Senate Committee on Finance staff reveals how deeply connected the National Rifle Association was with Russian officials.
It's the latest escalation in the broader battle between Democrats and the Trump administration.
A hearing on prescription drugs turned into an interrogation of the Health and Human Services secretary.