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Drinking enough water can be a challenge. These tricks will up your H2O intake without you even realizing it.
Here's a brief rundown of the coronavirus risk associated with drinking from a public water fountain.
Including a gold bed for some much-needed shuteye, an espresso machine to make lattes at home and a water bottle to stay hydrated AF.
Experts weigh in on whether this habit can spread COVID-19 at work and in other public places.
Experts explain what makes certain water bottle brands more high-end and whether investing in them is worth it.
"Absolute power move," one Twitter user said after the diplomat brought a 64 oz. Nalgene bottle into the impeachment hearing.
I've found the perfect water bottle for travel, festivals and every day.
New recycling centers in Indonesia offer residents a place to exchange plastic garbage for money, using blockchain technology.
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High-end water bottles are having a major social moment. They’re functional, fashionable and friendly to the environment.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Cut a 9-inch square of brown construction paper. Fold one corner to center. Lay spoon head atop folded portion. Wrap paper
Today at work I spilled my water bottle all over my desk. I sprung to action and grabbed some paper towels to stop the water
Pop singer Meghan Trainor's momma may have told her "not to worry about your size" as she sings in her adorable hit, All About That Bass, but when it comes to your travel suitcase, size and weight definitely do matter.
Ah yes, the old empty water bottle trick.
A 7th grader at Klein ISD in Houston, Tex. says he was forced to urinate in a plastic water bottle after his teacher denied
The man convicted of battery for twice ejaculating in his co-worker's water bottle faces up to a year in jail and being declared
I drink a lot of water. Not just because I'm supposed to, but because I've developed a taste for it, a craving. I'm never