will hurd

The former Texas congressman called on Republicans to rally around an alternative to Donald Trump, the front-runner in the race.
The former Texas congressman took aim at "too many" GOP rivals on the debate stage willing to "engage" with the Russian president.
Hurd, a harsh Trump critic, also said he faced jeers for "being honest" with the former president's supporters during a recent stop in Iowa.
Asa Hutchinson and Will Hurd have made little headway in their campaigns, but that has not stopped them from sharply criticizing the former president.
Hurd took aim at fellow 2024 Republican candidates as he criticized former President Donald Trump.
An Iowa crowd booed and jeered Hurd this weekend after he said Trump is running for president to "stay out of prison."
Republican presidential candidate Will Hurd took aim at Trump before the former president’s speech at the same event on Friday.
Republican presidential candidate Will Hurd’s show of principles threatens to kill off his campaign before it’s really taken off.
Will Hurd, who was once the sole Black Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives, is a vocal critic of Trump. Hurd launched his 2024 bid for president in June.
"We should have been planning with our allies" and Ukrainians "on how to take advantage of this opportunity,” the 2024 Republican presidential candidate said.