Black Lives Matter

Tara Durant claims an “angry mob” of Black Lives Matter protesters "assaulted" her car in 2020. Newly obtained police reports suggest something different.
Garrett Hardin fatally shot Brooks, a Black man, after he allegedly stole detergent from a dollar store in July 2022.
Sixty years ago, four Black girls died inside the 16th Street Baptist Church. The survivors of that bombing are still fighting racism.
“I don’t really feel, with the recent films, that they have stood by what I assumed were their original principles,” "Watchmen" author Alan Moore said.
Body-camera footage showed state trooper Jacob Brown strike Aaron Bowman 18 times with a flashlight.
Donald Trump is a fan of country music singer Jason Aldean’s latest song, which has been described as pro-lynching and promoting violence.
Aaron Glee had met Oluwatoyin Salau at a bus stop, and Victoria Sims sometimes dropped off meals at his home.
Kenneth Nixon accuses the Detroit Police Department of framing him. His lawsuit seeks to avenge his 16 lost years.
The ruling was a default judgment issued after the defendants failed to show up in court to fight the case.
The former New York City mayor, who has referred to himself as the “Yankees' No. 1 fan," named the reason he stopped going to the team's games.