Black Lives Matter

The GOP-led state legislature has voted on a bill that would restrict local governments from passing police reform measures.
One employee was told if they wore "BLM" on their uniforms, then management would have to let others wear swastikas, according to trial testimony.
The Shelby County jail has grown more deadly than the infamous Rikers Island, and it's been slow to address widespread problems.
The Justice Department is also investigating the Lexington Police Department over concerns that it unfairly target Black residents.
Devin Thompson, 21, is dealing with life-threatening damage from the shooting and intends to seek $50 million, his attorneys say.
Niani Finlayson called police for help during a domestic incident. They fatally shot her within seconds.
The officer, Greg Capers, was not criminally charged and remains on the Indianola, Mississippi, police force.
“The fact that you cannot put any finger on any type of real change is deafening," said one Memphis activist.
An administrative law judge didn't buy the argument that wearing BLM clothing on the job was part of advocating for a better workplace.
The young Black man’s family is suing the city after he was fatally shot during a traffic stop last year.