Black Lives Matter

Aderrien Murry was wounded by police in Indianola, Mississippi, after he called 911.
Two officers violated use of force policies when they struck Australian journalists while clearing protesters from a park near the White House, a report found.
Buffalo residents say the supermarket shooter being put in prison isn't enough — they want more justice.
Daniel Perry was convicted of murder in April for killing Garrett Foster during a Black Lives Matter protest in downtown Austin in July 2020.
A U.S. Army sergeant convicted of murder in the shooting death of an armed protester during a Black Lives Matter march in Texas faces up to life in prison.
The 16-year-old knocked on the door of an 84-year-old white man, and the American fear of Black boys and love of gun ownership collided.
The recent deaths of Gershun Freeman and Irvo Otieno come amid a push to remove officers from handling crisis intervention.
Four of five former Memphis officers charged in the killing of Tyre Nichols can no longer work as law enforcement in Tennessee.
Seven sheriff's deputies and three staff from a state hospital have been charged with murder in the death of Irvo Otieno, 28.
Rasheem Ryelle Carter’s family believes police in Taylorsville, Mississippi, are hiding details about his death.