Black Women

Robin Thede promises Season 4 of the Emmy Award-winning show will be bigger than ever.
Misogynoir makes this type of isolation painfully relatable to me and my peers.
"I was steadfast in my belief that there must be a location on the planet where I could live without fear."
"What about women like me whose lives looked fine, even enviable from the outside, but they were dying on the inside?"
Intense isolation — compounded with trust issues — prevented Ariana Steen from forming healthy bonds with other Black women.
A new study found that Black women report experiencing less obvious depression symptoms instead of the more hallmark signs.
Black women created real change in what felt like a hopeless situation — and we should all be taking notes.
It’s the end of an era. Trevor Noah is departing as the host of “The Daily Show” after more than seven years on the job.
“It’s all about legacy, making sure people know that she created a path for others to follow, that they don’t have to feel that they’re alone," said Wendell Pierce.
"These girls were the absolute goal. Little did I know that it was unreachable."