Black Women

Many Black women, especially mothers, have had to take on coronavirus-related financial stresses as the sole or primary breadwinners of their households.
"One study shows that 63% of Black people don’t 'believe in' mental illness, dismissing it as a weakness or something on which white people spend their time and money."
Six months into his presidency, Biden is already responsible for three of the 11 Black women ever confirmed as federal appeals court judges.
Sha’Carri Richardson, Christine Mboma, Beatrice Masilingi and others have been disqualified in the 2021 Olympics because of policies that are racist and unjust.
"It seemed to me as a girl growing up that every Black woman had a story about hair falling out — being pulled, worried or burned out — and never growing back."
The health coach co-founded Loom to help women have healthy and empowered sexual and reproductive lives.
"Concrete. Ceiling. Shattered," wrote the Massachusetts Democrat, who also made history in the state when she was elected to Congress in 2018.
There are now no Black women in the U.S. Senate since Kamala Harris became vice president.
"When the world watched Meghan break barriers at Buckingham Palace, Black women held silent prayer vigils for her emotional and physical safety."
In disturbing bodycam footage, a Rochester police officer tackles and pepper sprays a Black mom in front of her toddler.