Gender Identity

Janelle Monáe shows us what’s possible when we respect and acknowledge each others' gender identities.
The "Harry Potter" author reacted to reports about proposed tweaks to U.K. hate-crime guidance in the wildest way possible.
A new anti-LGBTQ law has had unexpected consequences for some parents.
The American Academy of Pediatrics voted to keep its 2018 guidelines on treatment for transgender youth but asked for an official review of the research.
"When I asked other parents how they handle clothing, most said they steer their boys toward the boys section — even if they want pink or unicorns — to save them humiliation."
The school said the book, which the fifth-grade teacher had purchased at an in-school book fair, violated the state’s vague “divisive concepts” law.
Disclosing gender identity or sexual orientation on an application has unfair downsides — but not sharing comes with big costs, too.
Fill your closet with gender-neutral styles that will look as good on your body as they’ll make you feel on the inside.
"It’s a cowardly and futile attempt to censor an idea," she said.
When it comes to gender identities, some parents are offering their children the possibilities of "both/and" instead of "either/or."