The highly sought-after nail tech is just here for the vibes — and to reimagine a long-running trope.
Advocates say migrants should be given safe means to seek asylum, not razor-wire obstacles.
It’s just the latest example of the Texas senator being duped on social media.
"We’d happily 'get in line' for citizenship or documentation if such a line existed. It doesn’t."
Opponents say GOP lawmakers want to wrest immigration enforcement away from the federal government.
Motaz Alhelou is one of at least 200,000 people who are currently in the U.S. but don’t have a country to call their own.
Arizona joins at least 18 other states that offer in-state tuition to all students who otherwise qualify regardless of immigration status.
"I never imagined in a million years that my old school tiger dad, who could never admit any wrong, would agree to discuss our feelings with a complete stranger in family therapy."
In "American (Tele)visions," the "Looking" actor plays the stern patriarch of an undocumented Mexican family grappling with a tragic loss.
The immigrants are being certified as crime victims, making them eligible for U visas, which often lead to green cards.