Me Too

The convicted rapist began his 23-year prison sentence near Buffalo, New York.
A new novel explores the story of a teenage girl who sees her abuse as love.
Outside the courthouse, onlookers cheered for the six women who testified in the sexual assault case against the now-convicted rapist and disgraced movie mogul.
The disgraced Hollywood mogul is going to prison in upstate New York.
"I am caught between my love of being a woman and my fury that this womanhood makes others believe they can abuse me."
"Portrait of a Lady on Fire" actor Adèle Haenel yelled "Bravo, pedophilia!" at France’s César Awards after the disgraced director won a top prize.
After the disgraced film executive was found guilty on two charges, the actors who helped launch the Me Too movement in 2017 spoke out on social media.
New Hampshire House Democrats reprimanded Republican lawmakers who repeatedly ducked mandatory anti-harassment training.
Donna Rotunno has been an open critic of the Me Too movement.
A sixth woman accusing the former producer of sexual assault testified in order to help prosecutors paint him as a serial abuser.
There’s an "understated respectability" that is "secretly pernicious," said one woman.
Plus: The very personal grief of Kobe Bryant's death.
Julia Garner and writer-director Kitty Green discuss predatory bosses and the system that silences accusers.
"The more Harvey Weinstein intimidated us, the more we wanted to publish the truth," New York Times reporter Megan Twohey told HuffPost Brazil.
Weinstein’s lawyer will likely try to use these messages to discredit the accusers. But contacting an abuser is common survivor behavior.
He also acknowledged “flirting” with his then-CBS co-hosts Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell, but considered it a form of “greeting each other.”
Several of his accusers, such as actors Rosanna Arquette and Rose McGowan, also criticized Weinstein’s defenders and enablers in Hollywood.
Former Fox News reporter Courtney Friel says Trump asked her over to “kiss.”
While people bravely continue to speak out against sexual misconduct, there are plenty of signs that a system protecting perpetrators still persists.
The actress tweeted on Monday to the disgraced movie mogul, "I didn’t forget you, Harvey. My body didn’t forget you. I wish it could."