Me Too

The founder of the movement to end sexual violence is making activism more accessible with her new platform, Me Too Act Too.
Four years ago, the "Access Hollywood" tape threatened Donald Trump's political career. Then he won anyway.
Just 35% of respondents in a study from a commission chaired by Anita Hill believe "a powerful individual" would face accountability for sexual harassment.
Black people have been pointing out racism in the workplace for years. Will businesses finally listen?
The documentary carves out a much-needed space for African American women to be the face of the Me Too movement.
Carice van Houten, who played Melisandre, reveals that she became "very aware of the male gaze."
Democrats are struggling to express support for the former vice president’s candidacy while not dismissing Tara Reade’s claims.
Tarana Burke, the activist behind the anti-sexual violence movement, did not outright denounce Joe Biden when weighing in on Tara Reade's accusations.
The former "Hardball" host was accused of making inappropriate comments as well as other sexist behavior.
The convicted rapist began his 23-year prison sentence near Buffalo, New York.