Queer Life

Bernardo Pantaleon's family said they think the Phoenix men targeted him for his sexuality.
Pregnant transmasculine people are vulnerable within a medical system that doesn’t understand them — and they've had to turn to others for support.
The “Ocean Eyes” singer says she didn’t realize her sexuality was a mystery to anyone.
The "Ocean Eyes" singer was most recently romantically linked to Neighbourhood artist Jesse Rutherford.
It’s "imperative" that mental health providers are trained to help people of multiple marginalized identities, the study's lead research scientist told HuffPost.
California’s Gavin Newsom and Florida’s Ron DeSantis took to the stage for red state vs. blue state debate on Fox News.
Incorrect information and stigma has kept women from taking PrEP, a medication that can keep folks HIV-negative.
The shake-up came amid controversy about a transgender student playing on a school team for girls, despite the state limiting such teams to biological females.
Trans people across the country are facing an assault on their right to exist — but being transgender in prison is uniquely difficult.