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Actors Who Were Anti-LGBTQ+ On Set
Far-right Oklahoma state school superintendent Ryan Walters got a visit from a bird in the middle of a meeting.
Dr. William Thompson IV is accused of sexually assaulting male patients under the guise of providing them with medical procedures.
Quinto's and Gage's characters have a steamy hookup that takes some wild and unexpected turns in the new comedy, due out in October.
"It has been habitual, since I left the enclave, my careful shuttering of myself."
“I’m scared of the vitriol that trans people face every day,” the “Queer Eye” star said at their wits’ end on Shepard’s podcast.
On Friday, Newsom vetoed a law that would have required judges to consider if a parent affirms their child’s gender identity in custody and visitation decisions.
Directed by Oscar winner Roger Ross Williams, the "superhero" film takes audiences into the world of lucha libre wrestling.
Matthew Scott Montgomery, who appeared in "So Random!" and other series, says he was subjected to shock therapy as part of his supposed treatment.
If you forgot about Allan, the times Ken seemed queer, or Barbie's sister who grew doll breasts in real time, the movie will remind you in hilarious fashion.