A federal judge has given prison terms of about 10 to 40 years to six white officers for an hourslong “egregious and despicable" attack.
Christian Dedmon was the fourth former sheriff’s deputy sentenced in the 2003 attacks on Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker.
Supervisors in San Francisco have formally apologized to African Americans and their descendants for the city’s role in perpetuating racism and discrimination.
The "Buy U a Drank" singer told TikTok followers he'd rather take his royalty check than have to deal with harassment.
The Justice Department is also investigating the Lexington Police Department over concerns that it unfairly target Black residents.
Mississippi isn’t just racist, it’s where racists go to sharpen their racism. It’s where normal systems go to learn how to be systematically racist.
The bill's Republican author has introduced other radical measures this session.
The NBA great said the GOP presidential candidate would be "100% correct" -- except for a few things she forgot to bring up.
Mayor Michelle Wu made a formal apology for the police persecution of Black residents after Charles Stuart framed a Black man for his wife’s murder.
On a Dutch TV show in 1997, the girl group was introduced to the traditional Christmas character “Black Pete.” They were not impressed.