"One moment you’re just a kid, and the next you are a Person of Color."
"Frozen, my mouth agape, I tried to process what had just happened. A fire rushed to my face and tears welled in my eyes. I wanted the ground to swallow me whole."
"I do think that's deliberate," said Alyssa Farah Griffin, Trump's former White House communications director.
Sibley was stabbed at a Brooklyn gas station after dancing with friends to Beyoncé.
The show has a zero-tolerance policy for racial slurs, CBS said.
Georgia prosecutor Fani Willis urged vigilance amid what she expects will be a rise in threats as she decides whether to charge Donald Trump and his allies.
Donald Trump is a fan of country music singer Jason Aldean’s latest song, which has been described as pro-lynching and promoting violence.
Twitter users felt the station unfairly criminalized a group of kids who were just trying to keep cool at a time when several city pools remain closed.
The network's replacement in Tucker Carlson's old time slot has a long history of egregious, racist takes. Here are some of the worst.
Kerry Kennedy claimed that her brother’s rant, which was criticized as antisemitic and racist, was “deplorable” and “untruthful.”