Experts weigh the pros and cons of getting intimate at different times of the day.
Here's how people are keeping the spark alive when in-person intimacy isn't an option.
"People need connection, I suppose, in whatever form is available to them."
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“Thanks for giving me a second chance," Cohen, Trump's former personal attorney, told the porn actress.
There's no evidence that sporting events expand the market for exploitation. So why does it pop up again every year?
"I was told I’d stop aging and I’d be a teenager forever. I didn’t think I’d ever earn money for myself, have a bank account, own a home, fall in love, get married."
"Being harassed made me feel like I needed to constantly apologize, to play a woman who was sorry and regretful for her participation in sex work."
If you want a better sex life, experts say to work on improving your emotional intimacy and closeness with your partner.