The decision has had immediate impact for families in Idaho, who are now left scrambling to figure out how to help their children receive care.
The reality unfolding in Florida today is just a microcosm of what the United States could look like if Donald Trump were to be elected president this November.
On Monday, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics announced a policy banning transgender women from college sports.
Transgender youth in the South must travel hundreds of miles to access gender-affirming care, according to new research.
Shareholders voted down a proposal to cover detransition services that was pushed by conservative groups Do No Harm and the National Legal and Policy Center.
Lisa Boothe's blather on "The Big Weekend Show" got critics riled up.
A bill introduced in the Missouri statehouse last week would make it illegal for schoolteachers or counselors to support or contribute to the social transitioning of a transgender minor.
California conservatives are trying to get anti-trans measures on the ballot in November. It’s a long shot — but it still gives advocates reason to worry.
In a statement, the president drew attention to the growing suicide crisis among trans and nonbinary youth.
The U.S. Department of Justice found that Utah's prison system blocked an incarcerated trans woman from accessing medical treatment for gender dysphoria.