The comedian reportedly felt "tricked" and fired a one-liner at the far-right lawmaker during an arena gig.
The shake-up came amid controversy about a transgender student playing on a school team for girls, despite the state limiting such teams to biological females.
Trans people across the country are facing an assault on their right to exist — but being transgender in prison is uniquely difficult.
The Human Rights Campaign’s report shows an “epidemic of violence” disproportionately affecting young Black trans women.
This year, at least 26 transgender Americans were killed and over 500 anti-transgender bills were proposed across 49 states.
Parents say they're still worried about the right-leaning school board and the influence of conservative politics and religion in local public schools.
"You are not welcome at this salon. Period," Studio 8 Hair Lab's owner allegedly wrote in a since-deleted Facebook post.
The actor and comedian described 23-year-old Kai as the “most well-read, smartest” member of the family “hands down.”
A North Dakota judge has ruled that he won’t immediately block the state’s ban on gender-affirming health care for minors.
Many people in conservative states are having to make a difficult choice after facing harassment and anti-trans laws.