The Biden administration announced a more inclusive rewrite of the law to add protections for abuse survivors, students' parents and LGBTQ+ students.
Lisa Boothe's blather on "The Big Weekend Show" got critics riled up.
"Hatred is hatred, and this kind of hatred is violence," the pop icon wrote after Mulvaney's photo of the pair drew transphobic vitriol.
The student participated in dozens of volleyball games before anyone complained.
The Trevor Project cited “increasing hate and vitriol" on the platform as one of its reasons for leaving.
No, PragerU, gender-affirming care is not a “social contagion.”
Far-right Oklahoma state school superintendent Ryan Walters got a visit from a bird in the middle of a meeting.
Transgender actor Angelica Ross said Roberts played “mind games” and made transphobic jokes while filming “American Horror Story: 1984.”
The Sunshine State has been at the center of the conservative culture wars.
The trans influencer posted a video about the hate she has experienced since doing an advertising campaign with the beer company earlier this year.