Tweets Of The Week

"no they’re not 'symptoms of depression.' they’re blues clues"
"I wish I could say '???????' In real life, it would be very useful."
"The most unrealistic part of the mandalorian is that he finds babysitters everywhere he goes."
"Every day around midnight, I'm shocked to find out it's only 6 p.m."
"Hear me out: epidurals, but for elections."
"*chugging coffee while trying to figure out what’s causing my anxiety.*"
"I can’t walk the walk or talk the talk, but if you need someone to snack the snack, I’m your girl."
"Another week?? Right after we JUST had one?? Okay... not sold on all that but I’ll give it a shot I guess."
"I would like to be cool enough to casually and affectionately call my friends 'bitch' but I think I would mostly just keep apologizing."
"Not fasting this year because I feel like God is the one who needs to atone."