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More than 111,000 people were without power late Sunday evening as fierce winds and "half dollar size hail" swept through the region.
The Republican senator also called Trump an "equal opportunity abuser of people" and a "handful" in an interview with Axios.
The president on Sunday afternoon suggested he decided not to hold G-7 at Doral because of Democrats and the news media.
The Dhvani ad is intended to be a harsh comment on Trump's crackdown on reproductive rights, according to the CEO.
The president referred to his defense secretary as "Mark Esperanto," amongst other errors.
The U.S. negotiated a short cease-fire this week to stop the fighting in Syria, but the deal was largely seen as a win for Turkey.
The Anti-Defamation League said its nationwide count of anti-Semitic incidents remains near record levels.
Trump boasted that he's "bringing soldiers home" the day after Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced that all troops pulled from Syria are going to ... Iraq.
The Justice Department's confirmation about the president's son and former White House counsel is part of a newly unredacted filing ordered by a judge.
President Donald Trump’s acting chief of staff went on television Sunday to defend his boss in effusive terms. He ended up making a new problematic comment.
The soldiers were riding in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle when it overturned into water, military officials said.
The former secretary of state joined in on the mockery of Trump's letter to the Turkish president.
An 11-foot-8-inch railroad overpass in Durham is being raised after years of viral videos showing it lopping the tops off of vehicles.
Rivals have challenged the Massachusetts senator on her plans to pay for the expansive legislation.
Victor Vickery, 30, told police he got into a fight with the man after catching him watching him have sex through a window.
“All his life, Tommy worked on the side of the angels. Now, he is with them," the House speaker said in a statement.
The secretary of state stuck with the White House's messaging following the acting chief of staff's candid acknowledgment of the deal in a press briefing.
The acting chief of staff defended the president wanting to host the G-7 summit at his private Florida estate despite ethics concerns.
The urgency follows a study finding that 95% of baby food products tested contained lead, arsenic, mercury or cadmium.
Both sides have accused each other of repeatedly violating the U.S.-brokered cease-fire.