The images are in stark contrast to those documenting the pontiff's previous blessings.
"I now understand why retired people eat dinner so early."
Keara Wilson, a 19-year-old choreographer, created the dance that’s going viral and got the rapper’s single to No. 1 on iTunes.
Advocates say the closures will have a devastating impact on the queer community's most vulnerable members.
Rev. Stephen Beach met his match while filming a service from home after his church suspended its gatherings over the coronavirus pandemic.
The coronavirus pandemic is fueling racism that often unfolds right in front of bystanders.
As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., houses of worship have had to make quick and often unprecedented changes to faith practices.
Previously, Marrz Balaoro wed couples in secret to avoid being arrested.
In the city of New Rochelle, a few miles north of New York City, the rabbi of the Young Israel synagogue has the virus.
If the legislation passes, Canada would become the fourth country in the world to make the medically denounced practice illegal.
The actor and playwright's knack for LGBTQ-inclusive storytelling extended to his guest spot on the NBC sitcom, Seattle writer Matt Baume finds.
Some sites, including Hornet, are urging users to maintain a "remote" social network.
Leslie Gray Streeter's memoir about grief is funny, sad and real. When a critic said it wasn’t “top shelf,” she said, "I was like, 'I’m the mid-price vodka of memoirs.'"
Plus: What coronavirus means for sex workers.
Devon Kareem Robinson, 19, could face life behind bars without the possibility of parole.
The singer tweeted a conspiracy theory that blamed the COVID-19 pandemic on radiation from new technology.
The "Claws" and "Deputy" actor's fight to be taken seriously in Hollywood has led her to step away from her past baggage.
Most of the government's warnings about COVID-19 are in English and may not be reaching millions of America's Spanish speakers.
We asked women from diverse areas of the sports industry and across generations for their experience and perspective.
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