Queer Voices

Black people in America experience many threats to their lives and livelihoods. George Floyd faced almost all of them.
Lead singer Victor Willis, who co-wrote "Macho Man" and "Y.M.C.A.," doesn't want the president to play those songs if he orders the U.S. military to fire on protesters.
Protests against police brutality continue around the country, coronavirus lingers and Pride month begins in this week's best images.
Billy Porter, Janet Mock and Megan Thee Stallion were among those to defend Iyanna Dior, who was allegedly beaten after a Minnesota protest.
There's a risk, but some states have laws protecting employees from being fired for legal off-duty activities.
George Floyd’s and Ahmaud Arbery’s killers face charges, but activists are urging the country not to forget Black women.
How to help teach your children about activism, tolerance, morality, and violence against Black people through conversation, books and more.
Massive law enforcement budgets have only increased in recent years. Activists are calling to defund the police and invest that money into communities of color.
Initially canceled because of COVID-19, the June 14 event will now harken back to Pride's roots as a protest for social justice.
Conversations about race, privilege and police brutality are hard. Be open — and have a plan.