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A Washington Examiner editorial condemned the president for spewing conspiracy theories about Joe Scarborough when he should be leading the nation through a crisis.
“They yelled and screamed about it being safe for others across the state to gather, while they were testing positive," state Rep. Brian Sims said.
Fox News' Dana Perino asked Tim Murtaugh if it gives him pause that a widowed man is distressed by the president's tweets about his deceased wife.
When asked about Twitter's fact-checking of President Trump, Zuckerberg said Facebook shouldn’t be “the arbiter of truth.”
The legal analyst said Twitter can correct any user it wants, "including the president of the United States."
“The pace at which the state has made these modifications is concerning to me,” said Santa Clara County's top public health official.
The “Star Wars” actor said he would not apologize for that comment, which followed a tweet paying tribute to George Floyd.
Officers for the Fort Myers Police Department said the doughnuts as well as some blueberry pie-scented spray in a trap did the trick.
George Floyd, a 46-year-old unarmed Black man, died after an officer drove his knee into Floyd's neck for several minutes.
President Donald Trump confused his dad and grandfather, has trouble pronouncing words – but is going after Joe Biden’s mental state.