2020 Election

The White House said veteran political operative Bill Stepien will step into the role just four months before the 2020 election.
Meddling in the opposing party’s primary has become the new normal.
Trump’s approval ratings are dismal, but Democrats continue to worry that it won’t stop him from winning a second term anyway.
The Fox News host ratcheted up the fearmongering for Donald Trump's base.
Just six weeks from the GOP nominating convention in Florida, the state has surging coronavirus cases, and planners have not come up with a final schedule.
“I think it’s going to depend on how obstreperous [Republicans] become,” he said of nixing the longstanding rule that often throttles legislation.
The presumptive Democratic nominee cribbed from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Jay Inslee, drawing stark contrasts with President Trump.
MeidasTouch takes Donald Trump Jr.'s attacks on Biden and applies them to the president instead.
"You know why I know we’re going to win? Because people remember how good their lives were back in February," Sen. Thom Tillis said.
For some reason, the Republican Party's rapid response director thought a photo of the former vice president holding one of his sons would make him look bad.