“Today marks another sad chapter of America’s perverse fascination with state-sanctioned homicide,” Tisius’ legal team wrote in a statement.
A spokesperson gave an awkward reply when asked why Blinken showed up to Henry Kissinger's birthday blowout.
"All options are on the table," including a possible a subpoena to require the Supreme Court justice's billionaire benefactor to answer questions.
Florida's Republican governor and Democrat Robert F. Kennedy Jr. are running to Trump's right on vaccines.
LGBTQ+ Americans are facing "real, tangible and dangerous" threats, said Human Rights Campaign CEO Kelley Robinson.
The former New Jersey governor made clear that his campaign will focus on challenging Donald Trump head-on, in marked contrast to his other GOP rivals.
“In the end, it’s always about the money,” one GOP House member said of the merger between the PGA Tour and Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf.
The 9/11 group also used the term to describe PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan.
The former president's golf clubs have hosted LIV events and are scheduled for more this year.
U.S. Magistrate Judge Anne Shields said she’ll keep the identities secret for now to give the congressman's lawyer time to appeal the decision.