Burgum only managed to qualify for two debates, and spent millions of his own dollars on a quixotic bid for the presidency.
“We’re going to win Iowa,” the Florida governor said. “I think it’s going to help propel us to the nomination."
“Trust me, it’s going to matter a whole lot more going forward," warned the former Biden White House press secretary.
The Kentucky Republican's explanation for why he thinks the GOP is ready to approve an impeachment inquiry got mocked by a Biden aide.
The former president is selling holiday wrapping paper and Christmas stockings featuring his menacing-looking booking photo.
The former president tore into the former Republican lawmaker and appeared to dismiss a Kevin McCarthy claim at the same time.
The former president and Republican 2024 front-runner hit back at the actor's recent criticism of him.
“He has demonstrated remarkable courage, resilience and fortitude," his family and friends said.
Arthel Neville fact-checked the former president's claim.
The president also had a challenge for the conspiracy theorist lawmaker and "Beetlejuice" fan.