Matthew Dowd argued why "it's going to be so weird."
Liz Cheney's new book contains a stunning detail about McCarthy's widely panned trip to Florida.
The New York representative has accumulated a list of lies and allegations, ranging from silly acts to more serious reports that could get him expelled from Congress.
“My view is this: I want the people, not the politicians, to make this decision," the 2024 Republican presidential candidate said.
The GOP lawmaker has remained defiant in the face of a third round of voting on his expulsion.
U.S. officials quietly treat Israel’s $3 billion in annual aid differently than aid to other nations – but they almost never acknowledge that.
The revelation again raises questions about Trump’s lawyers’ notes mentioning GOP Sen. Charles Grassley presiding over the Senate that day.
The Utah Republican had amplified a false claim that a Trump supporter at the U.S. Capitol riot was actually an undercover government agent.
Rosalynn Carter, a former first lady from humble beginnings, died last week at age 96.