The car giant said it was "speaking to X directly about brand safety to ensure this issue is addressed."
The decision has had immediate impact for families in Idaho, who are now left scrambling to figure out how to help their children receive care.
“I have never been reprimanded or received any disciplinary warnings,” she wrote on X.
The campaigns of both Joe Biden and Donald Trump have worried that Robert F. Kennedy Jr., running as an independent, will pull voters from their side.
Key committees advanced legislation to change the state’s ballot certification deadline after the state’s GOP Secretary of State warned Biden may miss it.
Firebrand Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene said she wanted the party to meet on Johnson’s future but stopped short of saying she’ll try to force his ouster.
A juror identified only as "Kat" told MSNBC, "You know, he looked less orange, definitely like more yellowish, like yellow."
The changes are a marked shift for a federal agency that environmentalists have long derided as the “Bureau of Livestock and Mining.”
"Russian state television can’t get enough of her," the CNN host said of the extremist lawmaker.
Holtec International says a state statute blocking routine water releases from Indian Point violates federal law.