Donald Trump

The co-host of the "SNL" news segment revealed one discovery the president made during his trip to the U.S.-Mexico border.
Former President Donald Trump has further escalated his immigration rhetoric, baselessly accusing President Joe Biden of waging a “conspiracy to overthrow the United States of America” at the border.
Donald Trump won caucuses in Idaho and Missouri and swept the delegate haul at a party convention in Michigan.
The New York Times/Siena College survey showed that 47% of respondents "strongly disapprove" of President Joe Biden's handling of his job.
“I’ll go again given the opportunity,” Michael Sparks, 46, texted his mom a day after the attack. He was convicted of all six charges, including two felonies.
If the trial judge in the Jan. 6 case sticks to her vow not to bend her schedule to suit a defendant’s "day job," Trump could spend every October weekday in court.
Lawyers for Trump and his co-defendants presented closing arguments in their bid to halt the case on Friday.
An enhancement does not apply to the sentence of one insurrectionist, raising questions about many others convicted of Jan. 6-related crimes.
The high court is waiting months to hear arguments over Trump's claims for immunity from prosecution. The delay could ice his D.C. trial.
The “Tonight Show” host hinted that bias is playing a role.