Donald Trump

Ex-President Donald Trump’s new social media platform doesn’t allow users to insult him.
The former president's Truth Social website comes complete with some built-in irony.
Laurence Tribe scoffed at the ex-president's arguments for keeping documents relating to the insurrection secret.
"The Late Show" host celebrated the House Jan. 6 committee's vote to hold Bannon in contempt of Congress.
Trump bankrupted casinos and was the biggest presidential loser since Hoover, but courtroom stalling is his one proven area of expertise.
The Ohio Republican said he did not speak to Trump during the attack. He had previously said he did.
Officials are reportedly examining Trump National Golf Club Westchester for possible tax fraud.
The Jan. 6 House committee unanimously voted to charge Steve Bannon, a former aide to President Donald Trump, with criminal contempt of Congress for defying its subpoena.
Kanye West is no more and "The Daily Show" host thinks he knows the Donald Trump-related reason why.