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“There’s no such thing as best in music," said the English pop star.
Many of the Bravo franchises are filled with fake storylines and toxicity, but Peacock is providing what Housewives fans love most: authenticity and escapism.
The horror film’s director, M. Night Shyamalan, continues his track record of helping keep horror as maligned as ever.
The consummate scene-stealer embodies a new character who is just as vulnerable, hilarious and sincere as she is.
The MTV reality series invokes representation as a way to attract viewers, and fails at producing anything imaginative about queer stories.
From a drama about an aging grandmother who discovers the thrill of porn to a rom-com centering on two heartbroken South Londoners, we’ve got you covered.
“Murder in Big Horn” and “Fancy Dance” explore a heavy reality within Indigenous communities without stripping these stories of their humanity.
The “Fresh Off the Boat” and “Always Be My Maybe” star’s feature directorial debut premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this week.
The first major film festival of 2023 underscored the rising popularity of nonfiction narratives about superstars. But not all of them are good.